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Author Archive | Kim Pierce

Lookin’ At You, Kid

One foot in the garden, one in the kitchen, chef Andrea Shackelford is a talent on the rise.

Photography by Melinda Ortley

With her cherubic face and generous smile, her dark hair pulled back in double sumo-wrestler knots, Andrea Shackelford isn’t the first person you’d pick out of a lineup as an up-and-coming chef.…

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The Buzz on Local Farmers Markets

Spring ushers in the busiest season for North Texas farmers, a rolling harvest that starts with onions, greens, radishes, strawberries and more before arcing through berries, tomatoes, peaches and melons—all the ripe, delicious flavors that spoil us for locally farm-grown fruits and vegetables.…

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Chefs Go Country—With Triplets

George and Katie Brown with (from left) Oliver, William and Clementine.

Photography by Melinda Ortley

“GEORGE” shouts the sign—a multi-colored, all-caps, plastic affair overlooking George and Katie Brown’s dining area, where five distressed- metal bistro chairs hug a spare, round table.…

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When Harry Met Judi

Photography by Teresa Rafidi

Judi Glasgow and Harry Butaud are living their dream at JuHa Ranch near Barry, where she drives the ATV and Harry travels by horse to manage their herds of cattle and sheep.

Brown braids. Domed cowboy hat.…

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Tasty Crackers

Photography by Desiree Espada

½ cup canola oil
¼ cup C&J Farms seasoning blend of choice
10 ounces oyster, saltine minis or other small crackers

Put oil and seasoning blend in a 1-gallon zip-top plastic bag. Mix to blend. Add the crackers, seal and mix well until all are coated

More About C&J Farms

  • C&J Farms sells at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market and many of the Four Seasons markets in the Dallas area.
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Hooked on Aquaponics

Goldfish start the aquaponics growing cycle at Profound Microfarms.

Photography by Teresa Rafidi

When Jeff Bednar first got interested in aquaponics in 2013, he and his three- and five-year-old daughters “built a countertop system with six goldfish and nine strawberry plants, which is how I got them interested.”

The real estate investor was looking for a sustainable way to grow food for his family.…

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A Farm for All Seasonings

All in the family at C&J: Group of six (clockwise from left): Connie Gibson with Jonah,
Matthew, Michelle, Isabelle and Noah Tyler. Right: Jim Gibson and Seth Tyler.

Photography by Desiree Espada

I’m not a big fan of seasoning blends. I’d rather mix and match herbs such as dried oregano and sage or fresh thyme and basil, often with a grating of lemon or orange zest, to create my own flavor profile for a particular dish.…

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The Master Growers of B and G’s Garden


If you’re a master gardener who loves growing fruits and vegetables, who connects powerfully to the land, how do you up your game?

Try full-on farming.

“I started out with a disc and a little tractor,” says Ben Walker, the “B” in B and G’s Garden.…

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Full Quiver’s New Milkmen

Photography by Desiree Espada

“Every one of these boys grew up
taking care of baby calves, from
when they were 5 or 6 years old.”
— Mike Sams

When Mike and Debbie Sams started making farmstead cheese at Full Quiver Farms from their dairy cow herd in 2002, they had no clue they were on the leading edge of North Texas’ locavore/farm-to-table movement.…

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Farming for Chefs (and other visionaries)

Cartermere’s English breed Hampshire sheep have adapted to North Texas’ climate

Hearty Naked Neck Poulet Rouge are so named for featherless necks

The Carter family (from left): Nelson, Sandy, Landon, Lincoln with Liliana in front
Photos by Woodsy Wonders Photography

Cartermere isn’t a household name on the farmers market circuit, in part because the relatively young Celina farm started out with the goal of supplying chefs.…

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