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“I just love reading [Edible Communities] publications cover to cover—they are some of the best things I’ve ever read.”
—Julia Child

“I call what you are doing ‘The Edible Phenomenon’—you’ve accomplished something that most publishers have not done. The concept and the publications are fantastic.”
—Margo True, former Managing Editor, Saveur magazine (now the Food Editor for Sunset magazine)

“[Edible Communities publications] are the New Yorker of food—smart, witty, and attractive.”
—The Ventura County Reporter

“[Edible Communities publications] have become the unofficial literary journals of the farmer-writer movement.”
—The New York Times

“Everything about the vibrant seasonal newsletters is local. [Edible Communities publications] aim to define a distinct regional cuisine for each [area they publish in].”
—San Francisco magazine

“[Edible Communities publications] are magazines with a mission!”
—The East Hampton Star

“Beyond the printed word, their mission is to connect consumers with local growers, chefs, and food artisans of all kinds…”
—Cape Cod magazine

“Your publications always leave me with a good feeling. One can easily recognize they are in the hands of a talented team of writers and designers as well as a caring publisher.”
—John Thorne, publisher, Simple Cooking