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Tag Archives | Spring 2020 Issue Highlights

North Haven Gardens on the Comeback Track

PHOTO: Teresa Rafidi


A lot of local gardeners and landscapers gasped (or moaned) after the October 20, 2019, Dallas tornado decimated North Haven Gardens, a Preston Hollow institution for almost 70 years.

“It was truly catastrophic,” says general manager Cody Hoya, “… and surreal for all of us [who work here].”…

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What’s in Season: Spring 2020

Asian Greens • Asparagus • Arugula • Beets • Broccoli • Brussels Sprouts • Cabbage • Cauliflower • Carrots • Celery • Chard • Cilantro • Collard Greens • Dill • Fava Beans • Garlic • Green Onions • Fennel • Kale • Kohlrabi • Leeks • Lettuce • Mint • New Potatoes • Oregano • Parsley • Parsnips • Peas (English, Snap, Snow) • Radishes • Rosemary • Rutabaga • Sage • Sorrel • Spinach • Spring Onions • Strawberries • Thyme • Turnips • Watercress 

Click for a list of local YOU-PICK-ITS and FARMERS MARKETS.…

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Springtime Garden Party

Photography: Meredith Steele

What better way to celebrate spring than with a garden party? The weather is absolutely beautiful as trees leaf out, flowers bloom and spring vegetables make their debut. Gather your friends together and enjoy the season’s abundance with this light and simple menu full of fresh spring delights.…

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Jubilee Farm: A Place in the Sun

Jade Chessman with one of her bottle-fed lambs.

Story by Kim Pierce – Photography by Teresa Rafidi

Jubilee Farm’s Chessman family borders on the idyllic: There’s Ben, who was “born to farm” and loves being a dad. Jade, his city-girl wife of 10 years.…

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You Should Know: Misti Norris

The chef is winning accolades for her unique cooking style

Misti Norris not only wields a knife with ease, she’s also at ease in front of an easel. Her artwork, including “Ticking Time Bomb” (right), is part of Petra and the Beast’s eccentric decor.
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True Colors: Creating Natural Dyes from Food Waste

Photography: Heather Schrock | Layout: Caryn Scheving

In food as in nature, color abounds. Natural dyes, made from food scraps that would otherwise go composted or unused, suddenly inspire creative opportunities that reduce food waste. They can replace synthetic chemical coloring’s in foods like frostings, icings and batters.…

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What’s in a Name?

Recipes ©Melissa King 2014 DIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters & More

The controversy continues over what can be labeled “milk.” Does it apply only to animal sources, or can it apply to the extracted liquid from plants such as coconuts? There’s no immediate or easy resolution in sight.…

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Spring into Heirloom Gardening

Heritage seeds bring flavor and quirky looks

Photography Teresa Rafidi

Heirlooms are named after people and places that may have long since faded away, but their history is carried on season after season.

There’s nothing like picking a fresh, vine-ripened tomato, warmed by the Texas sun, and taking a big bite of sweet and tangy flesh as you lean forward to prepare for the inevitable juice that drips down your chin.…

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Texas proud of H-E-B and Harvest Seasonal Kitchen

From left: Megan Neubauer, executive director, the Seed Project Foundation; Toby Thomason, Harvest Seasonal Kitchen general manager; Harvest executive chef Andrea Shackelford; and Harvest co-owner Rick Wells. PHOTO: Megan Neubauer

Last fall, H-E-B and Harvest Seasonal Kitchen were two of just 20 Texas companies to be chosen as TxN 20 honorees by Texan By Nature.…

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Publisher’s Letter Spring 2020


It’s a new year and time for new adventures! I love this illustration by Krystal Read from our Fall 2019 issue—“A Sister Trip to the North Texas Wine Country.” The image completely conveys the fun we had.

Terri Taylor—my friend, my sister and the best editor Edible Dallas & Fort Worth has known in the last 10 years—is going on her own grand adventure.…

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