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Tag Archives | Summer 2019 Issue Highlights

Decoration Day: A Feast for Body and Soul

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The Dairy that Nana and Pop Built

Lyn and Steve Horton (aka Nana and Pop) relax on the porch of their milking barn. Photography: Melinda Ortley.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go….

I’m seated in Lyn Horton’s farmhouse kitchen with two chilled glasses of raw milk in front of me.…

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Community Harvest

Volunteer Roni Gunther checks for ripe radishes at the Helping Hands Garden in Coppell.

Roni Gunther pushes her fingers down into the loose soil and pulls. Up comes a handful of ruby red radishes. Other volunteers dig up turnips. Green and purple cabbages are cut from the ground and weighed.…

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A Summer Concert Picnic

Photography: Meredith Steele

I can’t think of a better way to embrace a North Texas summer than with a picnic on cool, green grass and live music in the air. The perfect Texas summer picnic spread must be simple to make, convenient to pack and easy to eat while watching a gorgeous sunset and listening to music at an outdoor venue like the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, whose spring series continues through June 27.…

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Cool Summer Soups

Photography by Ellise PIerce

You know how people always say hot soups warm you to your toes in the winter? The same goes for cold soups in the summer. When the mercury in North Texas has passed the insanity mark, cold soups are my go-to for chilling down and for chilling out.…

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What’s in Season: Summer 2019

Black-eyed peas
Honeydew melon
Israeli melon
Lady cream peas 

Malabar spinach
Purple hull peas
Swiss chard
Yardlong beans

Compiled with the help of Marie Tedei, Eden’s Garden CSA Farm, and other local farmers.

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Back to the Garden: Repurposing Food Waste

Illustrations: Krystal Read

The farm-to-table movement has (re) connected folks with local farmlands and backyard gardens. The renewed appreciation for fresh-picked, sustainably-raised food has led to a refreshing new awareness—an environmental revolution of sorts. How do we protect our precious resources—water and land—AND better manage the food we grow?…

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Patina Green’s ‘Links’ to Local

Patina Green Home and Market scored a lofty honor earlier this year, garnering the highest score—six links—on the Good Food 100 Restaurants List for 2018. Assembled by the nonprofit Good Food Media Network, the list recognizes restaurants for transparency in food sourcing that emphasizes local and community involvement.…

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Editor’s Letter Summer 2019

Editor Terri Taylor and publisher Nanci Taylor. PHOTO: MELINDA ORTLEY.

Caring and connection might seem to be in short supply these days, but the folks featured in this summer issue convince us otherwise.

On Saturday mornings, in community gardens throughout North Texas, volunteer gardeners pick chard, radishes and other seasonal veggies that will go not into their own pantries, but into bins at local food banks.…

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