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Tag Archives | Summer 2018 Issue Highlights

What’s In Season: Summer 2018

Black-eyed peas
Green Beans
Honeydew melon
Israeli melon
Lady Cream Peas
Malabar spinach
Purple hull peas
Squash (summer varieties)
Swiss chard
Yardlong beans

For a list of local YOU-PICK-IT farms, go to edibledfw.com…

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Twelve Local Brews for Summer

Photo: Sergio Salvador


The inevitable arrival of a North Texas summer means it’s time to start thinking about ways to beat the heat. If those plans involve reaching for a beer, local breweries have you covered.

Today, over 60 brewing operations are active around Dallas-Fort Worth, and many produce a range of summertime brews.…

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McKinney’s Marvelous Hugs Café is Branching Out

Story by Christina Hughes Babb

Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Hugs Café team member Travis Maugh is learning the nuts and bolts of food service. His favorite duty is helping at the grill.

As he approaches the booth occupied by a jovial family of five, the server assistant, Travis Maugh, is polite, conversational and adroit, collecting empty plates and glasses.…

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One Family, Two Farms

Photography by Teresa Rafidi

Kylie and Chris Demases with Allie (the pooch) and Ozzie at Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm in Pilot Point.

Pam (left) and George Demases at Demases Farm in Boyd, with cousin Tammy Demases McCown.

When lightning struck the Demases Farm one stormy afternoon in June 2014, it ignited a fire that ravaged the home of Robert and Pam Demases.…

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Skip the Straw

Photo: Istock.com/Anne Cordon

If dining out is part of your regular foraging routine, then you are well acquainted with the plastic straw. Straws have become a ubiquitous convenience at many restaurants, plunked into your drink automatically in what is no doubt intended as a gesture of good service.…

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The Curious Gardener

Photography by Desiree Espada

It was Rebecca Allinson’s boundless curiosity and generosity that landed her home-grown produce at Chad Houser’s Café Momentum, a restaurant in downtown Dallas where at-risk youth learn to be cooks and servers. She arrived with seed packets and said to Houser, “I’d like to grow them for you.…

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Summer Pizzas: Inside and Out

Photography by Ellise Pierce

I have been obsessed with pizza-making as long as I can remember. From my teenage Friday nights with Chef Boyardee pizza-making kits to today. I know now that even a so-so homemade pizza can outshine one that comes in a box and is delivered to your door.…

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Editor’s Letter Summer 2018

Edible DFW publisher Nanci Taylor with chef Robert Lyford, Patina Green Home and Market, Senior Editor Kim Pierce and Editor-in-Chief Terri Taylor at the Dallas Arboretum Food and Wine Festival. Photo by Steve Foxall.

Frozen pops with fresh fruit. Homemade pizza with ripe tomatoes and just-plucked basil.…

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