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Let’s Do Brunch

The sun’s shining, the garden’s sprouting—that’s reason enough to celebrate. Here are some light-fare recipes—favorites from our archives with a sprinkling of new. Head to your nearest farmers market for the freshest eggs and the season’s best asparagus and strawberries. Garnish everything with cheery edible flowers.


Floral Brie

Recipe: Trixie Bond, Master Gardener
Photo: Kelly Yandell

Edible flowers—pansies, violets, dianthus, nasturtiums, marigolds and herbal blooms, to name a few—come in myriad shapes and colors.


Spring Thyme

Recipe: Jules Aron
Photo: Gyorgy Papp

Juicy strawberries and fragrant thyme pair well with gin.


Asparagus Frittata with Feta and Green Onions

Recipe: Meredith Steele

This spring frittata features farm eggs, tender asparagus, tangy feta and fresh green onions. The perfect brunch for large groups—or halve the ingredients and use a smaller skillet for an intimate breakfast in bed.


Strawberry Omelet

Recipe: Kelly Yandell

Strawberries add a colorful twist to this lightly sweetened omelet.


Asparagus Flatbread

Recipe: Ellise Pierce

Makes 2 large flatbreads/8 pieces each


Strawberry & Goat Cheese Popovers

Recipe: Meredith Steele 

Crispy on the outside, airy on the inside with a surprise—a strawberry-and-goat-cheese center.

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