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The Rabbit Tale Cocktail

Photography: Azure Photography

Makes one cocktail

1½ ounces Citrus Peel and Lavender-infused vodka (see below)
White Peony Tea with lemon (see below)
1 egg white
Butterfly Pea Flower simple syrup (see left), reduced over heat by 50 percent to thicken
Garnish: flowers from Water Boy Farms

Pour Citrus Peel and Lavender-infused vodka and White Peony Tea with lemon into a shaker tin. Add egg white and dry shake vigorously until contents are foamy. Add a few ice cubes and shake to chill. Strain over a fine mesh strainer into a coupe glass.

Artsy garnish: On the foamy cocktail surface, skillfully place three dots of Butterfly Pea Flower reduction. Take anything pointy (toothpick, bar spoon, olive pick, eagle talon) and sculpt a line through the middle of the three dots, then place an edible flower and sprinkle lavender petals on top.

Citrus Peel and Lavender-infused Vodka

In a 32-ounce Mason jar, put 8 ounces of lavender petals and the peel of one whole fresh lemon; fill the rest of the jar with your choice of vodka.

Let sit for 14 to 21 days, taste-testing every day after two weeks. Once you have desired flavor, strain and pour liquid into a separate container to store until use.

White Peony Tea

Put 2 cups turbinado sugar and 2 cups water in saucepan; simmer on medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 cup White Peony tea and turn off heat; let steep for at least 30 minutes. Strain and discard solids. Add a splash of fresh lemon juice to tea infusion, and store in a cool place until needed.

NOTE: White Peony is a low-caffeine loose tea with hints of melon and a light floral aroma, and can be found in most tea shops (we found it at the Spice & Tea Merchants of McKinney).

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Toby Thomason is General Manager of Harvest Seasonal Kitchen and Board Member of The Seed Project Foundation

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Michelle LeBolt is the Beverage Director at Harvest Seasonal Kitchen.

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