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Hotty Tot-Tea


2 ounces Earl Grey Cream Tea (also known as Moonlight, it has creamy vanilla notes)
8 ounces hot water
1 ounce wildflower honey
¼ ounce fresh lemon juice
2 ounces bourbon
Dehydrated lemon wheel *
Star anise pod
Cinnamon stick


Steep Earl Grey tea in hot water for 3 minutes, then strain into cocktail glass. Add honey and gently stir until the honey has dissolved. Add lemon juice (strain out seeds), and ’nally add bourbon or whiskey of choice. Stir the cocktail gently to mix all ingredients and garnish with dehydrated lemon wheel, star anise, cinnamon stick and a dash of nutmeg. Light the ’replace, play seasonal music, and have the hap-hap-happiest holiday since Bing Crosby danced with Danny Kaye.

*Dehydrated lemon wheel: Slice lemon into ¼ -inch slices and remove seeds. Lay on dehydrator tray in a single layer (or a parchment paper-lined baking sheet if using oven), leaving space between each slice. Set dehydrator at 135 °F for 6-8 hours or dehydrate in oven at 175-200 °F for 3-4 hours. Turn over a few times while dehydrating until lemon is completely dried. ¡e skin should be tough and crisp. Cool before storing in an airtight, dry container.

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Toby Thomason is General Manager of Harvest Seasonal Kitchen and Board Member of The Seed Project Foundation

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