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Our Quest for Community

Community synergy is difficult to define, but we know it when we see it. It’s the spark that lit and sustains Chefs for Farmers, an annual gathering started in 2010 whose mission is to bring together “chefs, artisans and culinary influencers to celebrate supporting local and regional farmers.”…

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How We Drink

Photo: Matthew Rainwater
Photo: Robert Strickland

Nowhere has North Texas seen more dramatic change than in the way we drink. Craft beer alone has undergone nothing short of a revolution. A decade ago, Franconia Brewing Co. in McKinney and Rahr and Sons Brewing in Fort Worth were early, fledgling North Texas brewers.…

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How We Eat

The Brown family at their Lucas farm. Photo: Melinda Ortley.

Today, the quest for “clean” food, grown as naturally as possible, is leading more consumers to seek out local farmers and ranchers. This goes beyond the desire for fresh flavors, which has driven the locavore movement since its inception.…

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How We Grow

Megan Neubauer, Pure Land Farm. Photo: Desiree Espada
Patrick Wright, Bonton Farms. Photo: Robert Strickland

North Texans love to get their hands in the dirt and grow wonderful edible things. What gardener has not been seduced by the flavor of a vine-ripe tomato or a peach eaten out of hand, still warm from the sun?…

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People We Will Miss

In the years since the magazine’s inception, we lost four significant voices.

Randall Copeland (1973-2013) A force in North Texas’ farm-to-table renaissance, beloved “Big Cat” was a chef with a big presence and a big heart. He co-owned Restaurant Ava and Boulevardier after coming up through El Centro College’s acclaimed chef program and working with Bradley Ogden in Las Vegas.…

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