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Kombucha can use different varieties of tea.

If you can find a good SCOBY, you’ll be on your way to A fizzy, refreshing beverage. Plus, you can customize to your taste. I’m happy to share Kombucha scoby.


Select tea of your choice. (I prefer oolong or green tea.) Brew the tea according to tea varietal instructions, using approximately 4 grams of tea leaves per liter of filtered water. Add 50-75 grams of sugar per liter of finished tea. (Start your first batch with 60 grams and then adjust the sugar as desired, gauging from the done kombucha.) Let the tea cool to room temperature, then transfer to a wide-mouthed glass container. Add the SCOBY to the container. Cover the container with cheesecloth secured with a rubber band. Don’t seal! Let sit for 7 days. Taste the kombucha and see if it is tart to your liking. If you like it tarter, let sit for few more days. When ready, transfer the kombucha to bottles and store in the fridge. Prepare another batch of tea and move your SCOBY to that batch. SCOBY is unhappy without a batch of tea and sugar to feed it. So if you don’t intend to make new kombucha for a while, store your SCOBY in the tea and feed it regularly, about once a month.

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