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This steamy hot toddy stars locally made Herman Marshall Rye. Create your own mulled spice syrup by infusing simple syrup (for sweetening cocktails) with mulling spices—usually a combination of allspice, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, nutmeg and star anise pods. For garnish, Kyle created spiced lemon wheels in a dehydrator.

½ ounce mulled spice syrup
½ ounce lemon juice
¾ ounce port wine
1½ ounces Herman Marshall Rye
1 dash Black Lemon Bitters (Scrappy Brand)
Steaming hot water

Combine all ingredients in an extra large mug and top with hot water. Garnish with spiced lemon wheel.

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Behind the bar at Bolsa, the Bishop Arts area eatery, Kyle Hilla and his team, Spencer Shelton and Marcos Hernandez, concoct seasonal specialties with the same local slant that defines Bolsa’s food menu.

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