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Bolsa Eggnog

photo: Eddie Riverside

Bolsa’s version of this seasonal favorite includes spicy liqueurs and a great local rum made by fifth-generation Lewisville local Quentin D. Witherspoon, who describes his rum as “full flavored with hints of vanilla and butterscotch.”

½ ounce simple syrup
½ ounce Art in the Age Ginger Snap liqueur
2 ounces Witherspoon’s River Rum
5 dashes vanilla tincture
5 dashes St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram
1 ounce cream
1 egg white

Garnish: grated nutmeg, splash of club soda Combine all ingredients into a glass shaker. Dry shake for about 2 minutes, and then add ice. Shake for another 2 minutes with the ice and strain into a glass. (Kyle uses a pint-glass milk jug.) Add ice and splash of club soda to make it fi zz. Top with fresh grated nutmeg.

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Behind the bar at Bolsa, the Bishop Arts area eatery, Kyle Hilla and his team, Spencer Shelton and Marcos Hernandez, concoct seasonal specialties with the same local slant that defines Bolsa’s food menu.

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