Publisher’s Letter Summer 2024

While we were creating our 2024 North Texas Farmers Market Guide, I looked at our first 2016 North Texas Farmers Market Guide. The number of farmers markets has doubled in those years! This is a testament to how many more people care both about what they eat and how they want to show community spirit in our neighborhoods. Here at EDFW, we are so proud of our North Texas citizens, who are on the lookout for fresh and local food. Thanks go out to the American Farmland Trust that sponsored our guide this year. And please vote for your favorite market!

We are pleased to have Judith McGeary, Founder and Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) appear in our pages as a guest columnist. FARFA advocates for our independent farmers, addressing issues that might affect their operations. This column is the perfect gateway to finding out how we as individuals can help Texas farmers.

In our pages, you’ll also meet Mallorey Atkins of Farm to Belly, who dove into local, seasonal food while playing the role of chef for an artist residency in both France and Ireland this spring. Eve Hill-Agnus brings to life her adventure and spotlights her observations.

Daniel Cunningham tells us about three unique barbecue spots in DFW that have taken a new twist on Texas barbecue. Yearby’s Barbecue and Waterice in Pilot Point serves up a completely halal menu with a New Orleans and Philadelphia twist; Smoke ’N Ash in Arlington serves Tex-Ethiopian barbecue with vegan sides; and Sabar BBQ in Fort Worth offers up Pakistani-influenced barbecue from a vibrant food truck. You’ll want to add all three to your roster. Meda Kessler shares her story about Stone’s row in Fort Worth, a non-profit farm and grocery store run by owners Jack and Trish Stone. At both farm and store the couple employs special needs teens and adults, either as paid staff or interns. The focus is on learning skills for the world beyond the farm or store.

The Dallas Farmers Market Team contributed three delicious recipes that are perfect for summer: Watermelon Salsa with Cucumbers and Peppers, Peaches and Cream Pops, and French Bread Tomato Pesto Pizza. Thanks to the Dallas Farmers Market Team!

Among the pages in our summer issue, you’ll find pieces that take you on new adventures and cultivate new tastes. And as always, we want to thank our ad partners. The support they provide through our ad partnership makes it possible for Edible Dallas Fort Worth to share interesting and relevant stories of local food producers, farms and vineyards, and many people and places that inspire and nourish us every day!

Nanci Taylor, Publisher

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NANCI TAYLOR is a third generation Texan whose family came to the state in the 1800’s to pursue cattle ranching and Texas has remained her home. She was born in San Antonio, but ended up in North Texas where she nurtured her Texas roots while attending college and raising two sons in Dallas. Proudly following in her parent's footsteps, Nanci plants and harvests the bounty of her own backyard garden in Old East Dallas. She keeps a busy calendar attending local food and ecology events, and on weekends she spends her time visiting with growers and food artisans at farms, shops and farmers markets around North Texas.