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When Michael Pollan asked if I would like to illustrate this book, I said two things. First, YES. Absolutely YES. Second, that Cheezdoodles had a beloved place in our family history. He did not hold that against me. This is a great country. Vast. Complicated. With plenty of room for extremes.

Everyone eats food. That is the universal connector. Life is fragile. Fleeting. What do we want? To be healthy. To celebrate and to love and live life to the fullest. So here comes Michael Pollan with this little (monumental) book. A humanistic and smart book that describes a sane and happy world of eating. It asks us, gently, to hit the reset button on manufactured food and go back in time.

I like going back in time. It gives me more time. To walk around and savor the world and the food in it…. — Maira Kalman


* Reprinted with permission from Food Rules: An Eaters Manual By Michael Pollan, With illustrations by Maira Kalman, Copyright © The Penguin Press (November, 2011)

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