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Author Archive | Daniel Cunningham

Horticulture’s Helping Hands

Some parts of North Texas have perpetually struggled with access to fresh produce— far before the wave of uncertainty that the pandemic brought. Largely due to a lack of grocery stores and farmers’ markets nearby, these food apartheids make it overwhelmingly difficult to access fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutritiously dense whole foods.…

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Spring into Heirloom Gardening

Heritage seeds bring flavor and quirky looks

Photography Teresa Rafidi

Heirlooms are named after people and places that may have long since faded away, but their history is carried on season after season.

There’s nothing like picking a fresh, vine-ripened tomato, warmed by the Texas sun, and taking a big bite of sweet and tangy flesh as you lean forward to prepare for the inevitable juice that drips down your chin.…

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The Fourth Season Winter Gardening

Photography: Teresa Rafidi

Planting and prepping for winter, Don and Tiah Lambert at Live Oak Community Garden.

Every gardening season has its challenges—unpredictable weather, irregular rainfall patterns, pests and disease outbreaks. As summer’s brutal heat lingered into fall this year, some gardeners were ready to throw in the trowel.…

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The Urban Harvest

Foraging in the City

Photography Teresa Rafidi

Duchesnea indica (Indian strawberries) and Solanum ptychanthum (black nightshade

Have you ever eaten a pecan that has fallen from a tree? Made grape jelly from wild Texas grapes? Have you plucked a mulberry, plum or other ripe wild fruit that has been warmed by the summer sun?…

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Back to the Garden: Repurposing Food Waste

Illustrations: Krystal Read

The farm-to-table movement has (re) connected folks with local farmlands and backyard gardens. The renewed appreciation for fresh-picked, sustainably-raised food has led to a refreshing new awareness—an environmental revolution of sorts. How do we protect our precious resources—water and land—AND better manage the food we grow?…

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The Resilient Garden(er)

Daniel Cunningham sorts through red Swiss chard. Photo: Courtesy of Texas A&M AgriLife

Growing food in North Texas can be challenging, if not downright difficult, even for the most experienced green thumb. Our gumbo clay soil is sticky and heavy. Our weather runs the gamut of extremes.…

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