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Brined Roast Chicken

Courtesy of Motley Farms

Cover a fresh 3 to 5 pound free-range hen in water (we use a large stockpot) to which has been added 1/2 cup sea salt or kosher salt and 1 heaping tablespoon of Pendery’s Rainbow Peppercorns, a blend of gourmet pink, green, white and tellicherry peppercorns. Also add a handful of fresh Lemon Balm and Silver Lemon Thyme. Refrigerate for twenty-four hours.

Remove the hen from the brine, pat dry, season the cavity with salt and pepper, stuff with fresh Lemon Balm and a few sprigs of Lemon Thyme and truss.

Combine 1/2 stick softened butter and the leaves from three to four Lemon Thyme sprigs and stuff the mixture between the skin and meat across the breast and drumsticks.

Place the hen in a roasting pan atop halved small red potatoes, drizzling all with olive oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper and paprika over the breast and legs for a crisp skin and gorgeous color.

Bake uncovered at 450 degrees for one hour.

Pendery’s World of Chile & Spices can be found online at www.penderys.com

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