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Author Archive | Karel Holloway

A Texas Way With Chèvre

Lost Ruby Ranch is Paul Allen’s highly successful retirement project


Story by Karel Holloway  Photography Melinda Ortley

At Lost Ruby Ranch, Paul Allen found his niche

Paul Allen studied goats.

He took classes in selecting and caring for goats.…

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Community Harvest

Volunteer Roni Gunther checks for ripe radishes at the Helping Hands Garden in Coppell.

Roni Gunther pushes her fingers down into the loose soil and pulls. Up comes a handful of ruby red radishes. Other volunteers dig up turnips. Green and purple cabbages are cut from the ground and weighed.…

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Getting the Light Right

Photo: Leslie Halleck

A sunny windowsill is not enough.

If you want to grow succulents, start seedlings or raise kitchen herbs indoors, you are probably going to need more light.

“There are a lot of trendy articles out there about growing sun-loving herbs on windowsills.”…

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Cool Beans: Making Chocolate

Cacao beans being cooled after roasting at Five Mile Chocolate.

Photography by Teresa Rafidi

Take a small sample into your mouth. Wait as the flavor begins to blossom. There may be a hint of berries or floral notes. Perhaps a lingering trace of pepper.…

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