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Tag Archives | Winter 2016-2017 Issue Highlights

The Blithe Spirits of Herman Marshall

Herman Beckley (left) and Marshall Louis.

Story by Cody Neathery • Photography by Desiree Espada

Lowering a copper rod called a “whiskey thief ” into a 53-gallon white oak barrel, distiller Herman Beckley captures a sample of his unfinished bourbon. He pours the fiery liquid—clocking in at 118 proof—into my glass and gives fair warning.…

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Farming for Chefs (and other visionaries)

Cartermere’s English breed Hampshire sheep have adapted to North Texas’ climate

Hearty Naked Neck Poulet Rouge are so named for featherless necks

The Carter family (from left): Nelson, Sandy, Landon, Lincoln with Liliana in front
Photos by Woodsy Wonders Photography

Cartermere isn’t a household name on the farmers market circuit, in part because the relatively young Celina farm started out with the goal of supplying chefs.…

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Raising Cane


Recipes and photos by Ellise Pierce

I did not grow up eating cane syrup. I was—and have always considered myself to be—a sorghum girl.

When my Birmingham, Alabama-born mom made cornpone to accompany dinner, which was more often than not, afterwards Daddy would get the paint gallon-size can of sorghum out of the cabinet and spoon the brownish-black goo onto his dinner plate.…

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How Sweet It Is

Photo courtesy Henderson Daily News

“Go into any East Texas café and ask about cane syrup,” says 65-yearold Dudley Mosele. “Every old-timer has a story, and they all begin with ‘when I was a child…’”

For Mosele, a retired lieutenant colonel with the U.S.…

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Cookbooks for Gifting

Cookbooks make great gifts, easy to pack if your holiday plans include travel. Pair your favorite with a festive apron, kitchen utensils or a gift certificate to a local food store. Make one the centerpiece of a gift basket filled with farmers market finds.…

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One Big Pot

comfort food to feed a crowd


Recipes and Photography by Meredith Steele

When I think of winter, I immediately envision a warm house full of family and friends telling stories while a big pot of something delicious simmers away in the kitchen.…

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Shopping Italian? There’s only one Jimmy’s

Brothers Mike (left) and Paul DiCarlo took over their father’s East Dallas
grocery and turned it into Dallas’ go-to Italian spot—with a side of local finds.

Photography by Teresa Rafidi

With its red, white and green awnings on a vintage brick storefront, Jimmy’s Food Store in East Dallas looks like it fell out of Little Italy.…

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Story and photography by Monica Johnson

Luffas can be found in showers across the world, but do you know where they come from? Hint: it’s not the ocean. A natural substance often used for scrubbing, luffas grow on sprawling vines that produce pretty yellow flowers and a fruit that, when picked young, tastes like a cross between a cucumber and zucchini.…

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